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Boys Scouts and Girl Scouts 


Big Bend,Texas

Boy Scout
Hiking, Canoeing, & Kayaking
Choose the activities needed to help complete your badge.
Girl Scouts
Trail Adventure, Troop Camping, Environmental Stewardship, Outdoor Explorer
Design an itinerary of activities for your troop.
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Learn about different types of kayaks, safety equipment, and what to do in case of a capsize. Practice different paddle strokes and float downriver.

Equipment, Rescues, Paddle Strokes



Learn about the parts of the canoe and paddle, how to rig gear for a camping trip, and what to do if the canoe capsizes. Learn the different strokes for the bow and stern paddler.

Rigging for an overnight trip, Capsizing, Paddle Strokes


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Learn about the treatment of hiking injuries, proper planning and mapping a hike, having the right clothing and equipment, and how to perform Leave No Trace Ethics.

First-Aid, Map Routes, Proper Clothing, Leave No Trace


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Learn about the camping equipment and how to plan for an overnight adventure.

Camping Equipment and Planning



Learn about the proper clothing, equipment, and the "ten essentials" for a day hike while exploring a trail.

Become an Adventurer


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Learn new paddling skills and how to be safe and have fun on the river.

Paddling safety &Paddling technique