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Boys Scouts and Girl Scouts 


Big Bend,Texas

Boy Scout
Hiking, Canoeing, & Kayaking
Choose the activities needed to help complete your badge.
Girl Scouts
Trail Adventure, Troop Camping, Environmental Stewardship, Outdoor Explorer
Design an itinerary of activities for your troop.
kayaking and canoeing Rio Grande, Big Bend National Park, Hot Springs Canyon


Equipment, Rescues, Paddle Strokes

Learn about different types of kayaks, safety equipment, and what to do in case of a capsize. Practice different paddle strokes and float downriver.

Rio Grande kayaking and canoeing Hot Springs Canyon Big Bend National park


Rigging for an overnight trip, Capsizing, Paddle Strokes

Learn about the parts of the canoe and paddle, how to rig gear for a camping trip, and what to do if the canoe capsizes. Learn the different strokes for the bow and stern paddler.

Guided Hikes in Big Bend National Park, Hot Springs Trail


First-Aid, Map Routes, Proper Clothing, Leave No Trace

Learn about the treatment of hiking injuries, proper planning and mapping a hike, having the right clothing and equipment, and how to perform Leave No Trace Ethics.

Camping Chisos Mountains, Big Bend National Park


Camping Equipment and Planning

Learn about the camping equipment and how to plan for an overnight adventure.

South Rim Trail, Chisos Mountains, Big Bend National Park, guided backpacking and hiking trips


Become an Adventurer

Learn about the proper clothing, equipment, and the "ten essentials" for a day hike while exploring a trail.

Kayaking and Canoeing the Rio Grande, Big Bend National Park, Hot Springs Canyon


Paddling safety &Paddling technique

Learn new paddling skills and how to be safe and have fun on the river.

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