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Not Ready to Commit to the Lower Canyons of the Rio Grande? Then try Temple Canyon, the 1st Canyon!

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Temple Canyon is at the start of the Lower Canyons. We began our 3 day trip at LaLinda. April is my favorite month to go camping on the Rio Grande. The days are hot and we are stopping and swimming multiple times in a day, then it cools off at night, just right for a campfire.

There are plenty of nice campsites along this stretch of the Rio Grande. The river lazily meanders through calm pools with short rocky rapids. This is great stretch for beginners and families.

The river cane lines the banks of the Rio Grande, and at times the river channelizes underneath the cane, making for "cane shots" where you duck down underneath the cane.

I had to get creative when planning the menu as I had 2 vegetarians, 2 vegans, and 2 folks who ate anything. I mainly cooked in dutch ovens.

The yellow blooming wasatch tree provided a sweet fragrance in camp all night long.

We watched the moonrise, it was so bright we did not need flashlights that night.

The end of Temple Canyon is just as dramatic as the start.

I am ready to go back to Temple Canyon, book a trip with me!

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