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Hot Springs Canyon Full Day Float "Spa Day" with Big Bend Boating & Hiking Company

We meet in Terlingua at 9a.m. and ride in vans to the East side of Big Bend National Park to a backcountry campsite called Gravel Pit, which is off of River Road, where there is a boat ramp. After a short safety briefing and paddle talk we start paddling down the Rio Grande.

This trip is perfect for families as there are a few gentle rapids and for most of the year the average water depth is knee to waist deep, our minimum age is 3 years old.

The actual deepest part of the river is the "border" between Mexico and the United States. Technically we float back and forth between the 2 countries, as it would be difficult to float on just half of the river, no passport required.

The towering cliffs are made of limestone, with gray-black desert varnish streaking.

My Mom came for a visit, and it is always a pleasure to have her in the front of my canoe.

J.O Langford had built a hot springs resort that had a 2 story bathhouse. A flood took down the walls of the bathhouse, leaving the foundation where people soak today. The geothermal heated water averages 105° Fahrenheit, so it is nice to take a swim in the river to cool off after a hot soak.

The Historic Hot Springs District is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The hot springs water is said to have healing powers. The water contains calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, sodium sulfate, sodium chloride, and lithium.

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