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Best Hikes of Big Bend

So here is a short list of our favorite hikes in the Big Bend. All mileage is round trip. My favorites are at the beginning!

*Lost Mine- 4.8 miles, goes to the top of a mountain with sweeping views into Mexico.

*Santa Elena Canyon- 1.8 miles, goes about a half a mile back into the canyon.

*Boquillas Canyon- 1.6 miles, on this trail Mexicans from Boquillas, Mexico, across the border will have souvenirs for sale. You can also stop at the Boquillas village overlook on the way to the trailhead.

Consider hiking the Rio Grande Village Nature Loop- 1 mile, if you are hiking Boquillas Canyon. It goes through a spring fed laguna with amazing bird watching.

*Window- 3.6 miles if you start at the campground or 5.8 if you start at the visitor center. This trail descends to the bottom of the window into a small slot canyon at the end. It is all uphill on the way home.

*Lower Burro Mesa Pouroff- 1 mile down an arroyo that has pretty colorful banded rock walls to a dry waterfall.

*Mule Ear Springs- 4 miles, througn volcanic rock to a little seeping spring.

For higher mileage:

*South Rim- 11.5 out and back or 12.5 if you make the Laguna Meadows and Pinnacles trail loop. This trail takes you to the edge of a cliff with phenomenal views.

*Emory Peak- 10.6 miles to the top of the tallest mountain in the Big Bend. Great views but know there is a rock scramble to get on top of the mountain.

Big Bend Ranch State Park:

*Closed Canyon- 2 miles into a narrow slot canyon. (This trail is close to the Hoodoos.)

*Hoodoos- 1.8 miles loop trail to big mushroom shaped balanced rocks down by the river.

*Fresno Divide Trail- varying lengths as you can make a loop (8 miles) and connect with other trails. Open mountainous views.

We could go on and on..... don't see a trail here that you want to know more about? Shoot us an email, ( and we will be glad to tell you what we think!

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