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 Experience the solitude of the desert. Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park offers a variety of hiking opportunities from short interpretive walks to rugged multi-day backpacking excursions.

Whether this is your first time hiking or you have many miles on your boots, the Big Bend hikes are sure to be rewarding.

South Rim Hike Big Bend National Park

Come experience the border from a boat, float between Texas and Mexico on the Rio Grande!

Offering single day to multi-day trips in Big Bend National Park & Big Bend Ranch State Park. 

Rafts, canoes, or kayaks are available, depending on water level.

Join us and our partners, Lajitas Stables, to explore the Big Bend by horseback then paddle the Rio Grande.

Horseback Riding Big Bend
Dark Canyon Big Bend Ranch State Park
Horseback Riding Big Bend Stables


If your idea of a perfect vacation includes being exposed to other cultures and interacting with local people, then this is the tour for you. Try the local food and beverages, not to forget the Sotol or Mexican ice cream.  Come experience the friendliness of our border neighbors.


We customize this tour to show you our favorite spots in the Big Bend. We talk about geology, flora, fauna, cultural history, and folklore as we drive along. 

Santa Elena Canyon
Boot Canyon, South Rim Hike
Burro Mesa, Big Bend National Park
Big Bend National Park
Pecos River, Texas

Starting in Pandale, Texas this 66 mile float has canyons, rapids, and gorgeous scenery. The river is a remote wilderness excursion that will challenge your boating and camping skills.

Fishing on the Pecos River

At a Glance

Come to see why this region was known as the last frontier. Learn about early Jumano, Comanche, and Apache Native Americans; and homesteaders; miners, ranchers, and farmers. Understand that Texas Rangers had their hands full dealing with outlaws, bandits, and border raids. From lowland desert ecosystems, to shrub lands, sky islands, and riparian zones, the Chihahuan Desert is where desert, mountains, and rivers converge as one. Take a trip across the border to Mexico to a remote village or to a bustling town. Realize that the city water and electric lines only run so far in this region, leaving most locals to live "off the grid". Finally take a moment to witness the vibrant sunrises and eternal sunsets. Contemplate the dark night skies, the Milky Way, as it brings us to silence. Come capture the essence of this region...or ... will it capture you?

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